Friday, July 23, 2010


I know I know...almost at the one year mark for blog posts...I am one of "those" people! I am not even sure how I let this happen. I suppose it could be the busyness of the year...Gabe started public school, Anderson started preschool, Our first family vacation to Disney, I returned to work after three years... oh and we added another child to the mix. Luckily another boy, Sam, so no need to change the title of this blog. Nick is our constant, has the same job and sanity level to keep us stable! so for a lack of a better way to round out a year, I will now turn to Smilebox for a slide show of the year gone by. It will take you about 3 minutes, sorry! Enjoy!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bike Riding Adventures

Nothing more exciting then going for a "petal, petal, petal" has Anderson has always said.
He loves to be on the bike!

Gabe does too, although the biking and playing in the creek are about equal in his mind!

Our Midwest Trip!

So after some much needed deliberation, I myself, with the company of a 5 and 2 year old set out on a journey to visit Nicks' family in the Quad Cities. We did the drive up in one straight 13 hours shot up there. Yes, an adult only trip would have been only 11 hours but we stopped ALOT : ) all and all it was a great mini vacation. It was so wonderful to get to see family we haven't seen in so long.

A little glimmer of our hotel night on the way home to NC.

Gabe at the Zoo.

Andy at the Zoo, not a big fan of the birds!

But a Big Big Big fan of Whitey's

Gabe enjoyed it a bit too!

Baseball Round Up!

well, we finished our season never winning a game, but Gabe never asked whether or not they won or lost. However, we all know its not about winning or losing, it's about have a great time! Not to mention you get a trophy no made how bad your record! The best part of the only season is our coach really did their best with the kids. Thank you for all of your hours and hours of hard work.
Gabe and the coaches!

Yankees Rock!

Practice Swings away!

Lazy days of Summer....

Nothing really feels like Goop!

OR is as messy!

Or as Silly!

Or as EWWWY!

Handy Andy....

and hand washing.

Just FYI when you send Anderson to do something and moments later haven't seen or heard him, you better go looking for him. When he was asked he was completely clothed and had just come inside from playing the the muddy water table. Moments later, he decided to just undress, climb in the sink, and bathe accordingly. He obviously didn't expect a camera to catch his private moment but he did really enjoy smiling at himself before I was discovered.

Preschool Graduation

WE are all so sad that this stage is over. What a great preschool experience Gabe had! I know he is going to have a very successful year in Kindergarten. A Big Thanks to Mrs. Holly and all her hard work that seems so naturally easy for her, what a blessing she was in Gabe's life!
Ironically, Gabe only would let us take his picture with ONE friend, Miss Samantha! We have no family pictures or teacher pictures from this night, just little love birds. Don't worry Samantha sealed the deal earlier this year when she asked Gabe if he would marry her. We love sweet little Samantha and he is very sad she is not in his kindergarten class!